Oklahoma Fur Bearers Alliance

Spring 2023 Fur Auction
February 8, 2023

The fur auction will be held March 11 at the Okmulgee fairgrounds beginning at 8 am. You can call ahead to reserve a lot number or show up early and get one. Doors will open at 7 am. This year otter fur is moving. Skunks are at a good price. Bobcat fur and beaver fur are trending up. Remember to bring any undamaged skulls, antlers detached from the skull. Raccoon baculum, skunk essence, beaver castor, beaver tails. Beaver and bobcat can be sold on the carcass as well. Remember if you do not shoot animals in the head they can possibly bring you more money. Good luck to everyone and I hope everyone can make it! The wildlife department will be on site to tag any otter or bobcat that needs it before they are sold.

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