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2015 OFBA Fall Meeting

September 9, 2015

The 2015 Fall Meeting will be at the Fair barn in Okemah on Oct. 10th. There is a proposed “bylaw” change that will be voted on by membership that is present. Pulled pork will be provided for lunch and we ask that you bring a covered dish to compliment the meal. The association will be having a fundraiser auction and we are accepting donations for it—-included in the auction will be a horizontal skinning machine (made by RC Edgar). Mark June and other vendors will be present with supplies. Join us for fun, fellowship, and more……

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April 9, 2015

The OFBA will have the 2015 spring meeting at Red Rock Canyon State Park near Hinton on May 2nd. The association will provide pulled pork for lunch and we ask that everyone bring a covered dish to compliment it. There will be demos on coyotes, bobcats, and skunks. there will be a drawing for a cage trap and a skunk pole. Bring your lawn chair and share your memories of this seasons’ harvest. We will start at 8 am. For more information, call RC Edgar at 405-238-0012.

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Feb. 7, 2015 Auction Results

February 16, 2015

Please select the pdf file below to see the results from our Feb. 7, 2015 auction in Chandler. Animal Totals 2-7-15 Please call John Weygandt @ 918-645-5667 for a sellers lot# for the Mar. 7th auction in Okemah. Good luck on the trap lines.  

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2015 OFBA Fur Auctions

November 20, 2014

Feb. 7th, Chandler, OK. at the Lincoln County Fair Barn (1310 Allison Ave.) Already past. March 7th, Okemah, OK. at the Okfuskee County Fairgrounds (999 East Columbia St.) For seller numbers and more information, please contact John Weygandt @ 918-645-5667.   The OFBA hosts the largest fur auctions in Oklahoma. We strive to get you a competitive market value for your fur. With the current market conditions, we have felt compelled to open our auctions to “non members” as well as members this year. Last year, we had several buyers representing four states at the auctions. Please keep in mind that the OFBA is your organization and your involvement is detrimental to our success! We look forward to serving you this season and many more to come.

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2014 Fall Meeting….

August 13, 2014

The 2014 OFBA Fall Meeting will be at the fairgrounds located at 999 E. Columbia St. in Okemah, Ok. on Oct. 4th. The tentative schedule is as follows: 8am-9am Fellowship and visitation. 9am-10am OFBA General Membership Meeting. 10am-11am Bobcat Demo by Oklahoma’s very own Gary Jarman! Folks, if ya wanna learn about cats and how to make money on a trapline by catching them, you dont wanna miss anything Mr. Jarman has to say! 11am-noon Cage Trap Demo by Terry Waggoner. Mr. Waggoner has been cage trapping for years! He has been building cage traps for years. There probably isn’t anything about cage trapping nor cage building that Mr. Waggoner doesn’t know! When Mr. Waggoner speaks, people listen as he tells ya how to consistently catch animals in cages! This is one demo that you don’t wanna miss! Noon-1pm Lunch and Auction 1pm-2pm Question & Answer with Monte Dodson....

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Trapping Changes for the Next Fur Season

April 15, 2014

Below is a email sent by Aaron Ghaemi (ODWC Furbearer Biologist) to Clifton Ray (OFBA Director). This is good news indeed. Let’s not sit on our laurels though, contact your state reps on other trapping issues that you have. Writing a letter that you calmly discuss the issues such as signage, raccoon limits or whatever you think needs changed will get far better results than e-mailing or calling. Both of those are still better than nothing, but writing is king when it comes to getting their attention. On a personal note, I want to thank Clifton and our other board members who are out there trying to changes made. I especially want to thank Aaron Ghaemi for the work he does. I have long said, let the laws match the biology. He’s doing that. Thank you. See the e-mail below. John Weygandt   Hello Clifton, Our commission voted yesterday...

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About OFBA | Oklahoma Fur Bearers Alliance

About OFBA

The Oklahoma Fur Bearers Alliance was formed after merging the previous Oklahoma Fur Harvesters Association with the First Oklahoma Trapper & Predator Caller Association in the Fall of 2006. The merger of the two former associations brought together a standing membership of 486 individuals from the date of the merger and has since attracted new youthful and adult members, as well as new sponsors and affiliates. We invite eveyone who realizes the necessity of a single strong organization in Oklahoma, which can properly represent your heritage, rights and interests … while focusing on wildlife conservation … to join us today.

In Recognition

The OFBA is proud to recognize and represent the Conservationists here in Oklahoma. We ask each of you to make an appearance at our functions whenever possible to make your voices heard so that we can better represent you within the State of Oklahoma.

NOTE: The photo above is from the 2009 Oklahoma Fur Bearers Alliance Youth Trapper Camp-out.

COPPA Statement

In compliance with the Childrens’ Online Privacy Protection Act, of April 21, 2000, the Oklahoma Fur Bearers Alliance (Hereafter referred to as O.F.B.A.), a non-profit organization, does not, and will not, under any circumstances, give, trade, sell, transfer, or by any other means disseminate any personal information of any kind, such as name, address, phone number, email address, age, etc., that we receive, or that is given when a person joins, registers, or enters any contests at O.F.B.A., to any outside entity or third party … and prior to any child under the age of consent receiving any goods, services, prizes, or any other materials of any kind from O.F.B.A., the parent or guardian of said child will be contacted, and their permission gained. Any person, persons, or organization(s) wishing to hold any contest, hand out any materials of any kind, or award any prizes in or through O.F.B.A. must first gain permission from O.F.B.A., and the prize, materials, or award must be sent to O.F.B.A., with notation as to the reason and use it is to be put to, and from whom it came. The item(s) will be inspected and if required checked for content, prior to being sent from and by O.F.B.A. to the individual winner or recipient. Furthermore; a parent or guardian may, at any time, make request to O.F.B.A. that any and all information held privately by O.F.B.A. on their child to be destroyed, and it will be done.

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